You need to fix a few things before starting a roof repair or installation project. This will ensure your property remains protected from the debris and broken pieces that fall from your roof during the installation process. Moreover, you will face a lot of hassles if you hire an inexperienced contractor in your location.

If you are looking for an experienced contractor in Hawthorne, you can contact Cox Roofing Services. So, let us understand the dos and don’ts of a roofing project.

Dos of a roofing project

Choose the right roofing materials based on your location

The roofing material must withstand hail storms if you are staying in an area that experience frequent storms. While selecting an impact-resistant roof, make sure it is verified and certified by an authentic company. 

In high-risk fire-prone areas, make sure to select a roof that is resistant to fire. Do not go for the wooden roof option as it will catch fire quickly.

If you are staying in a hurricane-prone area, then do not forget to check the wind rating of the roofing material you are choosing for your home.

Prepare yourself before a roofing project

You should prepare your home and outdoor area before starting any roofing work on your property premises. You need to remove the patio furniture if there are any to avoid any damage to your valuables during the repairing process.

You can move solar lights (if any), plant pots, water fountains, statues from your garden area to protect them from debris that might fall on them from the roof. To ensure your delicate garden items do not get damaged, you need to transfer them to a safe place.

You can cover your plants with a tarp to protect them from possible damage that might happen due to broken shingles falling on them. Keep your attics clear so that the fragile items do not get harmed during roof repair/installation.

Hire an experienced roofing contractor

If you end up hiring an inexperienced roofing contractor then you might face a lot of problems later. They can make mistakes because they lack knowledge and expertise. Hence, you should research well to find a professional contractor in your area.

If you are confused while choosing a trusted contractor in Hawthorne, then you can contact us. We will assist you with skilled experts and guide you with adequate information.

Don’ts of a roofing project

Do not start your roofing project without a plan

 A project without a plan might become a disaster in the long run. If you do not prepare a proper plan for your roofing project then you might face a lot of hassles later. You will not get the desired look or there will be structural defects in your roof, if you do not plan your roofing project.

Do not repair or install the roof yourself

Often, people avoid calling a professional roofer and start repairing the roof themselves. Sometimes, a little knowledge is dangerous. So, if you are repairing your roof without the help of a professional contractor then you might face a lot of structural issues and loose seams on your roof later.

They are technically perfect and can finish the work without causing any problems. So, you need to hire a professional contractor to get your home renovated instead of doing it yourself.

Don’t take roofing shortcuts

If you take shortcuts in a roofing project by purchasing cheap material, using staples instead of nails, installing new shingles over old ones, etc. can cause structural issues and water leakage in your home in the long run. So, you should avoid these mistakes by hiring an experienced roofer in your location.


You should prepare your home before installing/repairing your roof. However, you should consult our expert roofers if you are confused about it. They will ensure your garden accessories are removed from the worksite or covered with a tarp so that they will not be damaged during the process.